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What is a Blower Door Test and Why Do You Need One?

Building a home is complex, and ensuring a strong, energy-efficient structure is a crucial part of the home-building process. A blower door test is one key element you might not be aware of. This post will explain what a blower door test is, why it's important for builders, and how it contributes to obtaining your Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

What is a Blower Door Test?

A specialized blower door fan is installed in an exterior doorway of the home, creating negative pressure inside the building. This pressure pulls air through any leaks in the building envelope. Using a monomitor, we then measure the rate of air leakage, expressed as Air Changes per Hour at 50 Pascals (ACH50).

Why is a Blower Door Test Important?

A tight building envelope is part of the Connecticut energy code. The goal is to prevent conditioned air from leaking outside the home. A tight home has significant benefits:

  • Energy Savings:  Reduced air leakage means less conditioned air escapes in summer and less cold air seeps in during winter. This translates to lower utility bills for homeowners and a more comfortable living environment.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality:  A tight envelope helps control unwanted air infiltration, such as pollutants or allergens, from entering the home.

  • Durability:  A sealed building envelope protects your structure from moisture damage caused by uncontrolled air leaks.

Blower Door Test and Your Certificate of Occupancy (CO):

To ensure energy efficiency standards are met, blower door testing is now part of building codes. Passing a blower door test can be a requirement for obtaining your CO, the official permit allowing occupancy of the building. Onega Inspection Services is certified to provide blower door tests to help you acquire your CO permit.

Partner with Onega Inspections for a Successful Build:

At Onega Inspection Services, we understand the importance of a smooth building process. We perform a thorough blower door test and provide a detailed report to help you identify and address any air leaks. This proactive approach ensures your project meets building code requirements and paves the way for a successful CO application.

Schedule Your Blower Door Test Today!

Contact Onega Inspection Services today to discuss your blower door test needs.  We offer flexible scheduling and competitive rates to ensure your project stays on track. Let us help you build a tight, energy-efficient home that surpasses expectations!



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