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Rhode Island & Connecticut Home Inspection Pricing

What Sets Our Home Inspection Pricing Apart

We try our best to deliver a home inspection service that is as straightforward and streamlined as possible. That's why we include auxiliary services as part of each Standard Home Inspection in Rhode Island and Connecticut so you aren't caught unaware by additional costs.

Each of our Rhode Island and Connecticut Residential Home Inspections include, at no extra cost:

  • Free WDO / Pest Inspection with each home inspection, as well as Form NPMA-33 if needed.

  • Free Infrared Scanning to verify suspected areas of moisture intrusion, energy inefficiency, or electrical issues occurring within the home.

  • Included Crawl Space Inspection, when accessible.

Dark Roofs Housing Complex


Home Inspection Pricing

(RI & CT)

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Apartment Building


Home Inspection Pricing

(RI & CT)

Specialty Home Inspection Services

Wood Destroying Organism / Pest Inspection 

(free with each home inspection)

Radon Testing

Water Quality Testing


  • Basic Profile Water Test

  • Basic Profile Water Test (With Lead)

  • Standard Profile Water Test

Well Flow Testing

Mold Testing


  • Surface Swab Sample

  • Air Sample (includes 3 air samples)


  1. Payment is due before, or at the time of service. Online credit card payments accepted; checks also accepted at the time of inspection.​

  2. Should payment be more than 5 business days late, a $25 late fee will be added to the invoice, and for every 5 business days thereafter.

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